Busy-Body Bootcamp – Live Healthy in 2018!

Busy-body Bootcamp

So 2018 is finally here and most of you are bringing in the new year with cheers to a healthier, fitter and more prosperous year ahead. With the new year comes new things and we at Just Healthy Women are pleased to announce our very own 12 week program, Busy-Body Bootcamp.

What is Busy-Body Bootcamp?

We created Busy-Body Bootcamp to reward our readers with a program that will not only improve their health and fitness, but also educate them on living a healthier lifestyle. The program contains a full nutrition guide and workout plan for the entire 12 week duration. Busy-Body Bootcamp is not a proclaimed miracle weight loss master plan. It was designed on a grass roots fitness and nutrition plan that has been tested and is proven to get results. This program is not easy, and changes will not happen overnight! Busy-Body Bootcamp is designed to assist women who are at all levels of fitness and fosters a change-of-habits style approach which will enrich your life.

Busy-Body Bootcamp - Just Healthy Women's 12 Week Guide To A Healthier Lifestyle NutritionA Full Nutrition Plan!

Busy-Body Bootcamp contains a full nutrition plan. We have literally taken the thinking out of dieting. It contains a master food list and shopping list that make your weekly shop quick and easy. The guide is basic and accounts for even the most beginner dieters among us. We have worked hard to make sure that while the nutrition plan is basic, its not boring. One of the key psychological issues women have with dieting is they try and cut all bad food out cold turkey. We say, changing your habits slowly, bit by bit, will ensure you remain motivated. By the end of the program and as long as you follow it step-by-step, you will feel healthier and the results will be outstanding. What’s more motivating than that!?

Busy-Body Bootcamp - Just Healthy Women's 12 Week Guide To A Healthier Lifestyle WorkoutAn Original At Home Workout Series

At this time of year, the gym is cluttered with an influx of new trainers with bold new years resolutions. I know that I lose motivation to workout with that problem alone. For that reason, the workouts are designed so that they all can be completed at home – little to no equipment required. No longer will you have to wait to use equipment in the gym, or have your workout interrupted by people hogging machines. If you’re working, or are a stay at home parent, the workouts are quick and high intensity to account for your busy lifestyle, because we understand that 2 hours in the gym a day is completely unrealistic. If you plan to lose weight, tone up, increase fitness, decrease stress and generally feel better, then I suggest giving Busy-Body Bootcamp a try!

A Community That Supports You!

With the launch of our new 12-week program, we are excited to help you reach your goals. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got solutions. Interact with us on Facebook or comment on this page and we will provide you with whatever support you need to complete the program!

It’s FREE For A Limited Time

Why wouldn’t you give it a try? The entire program is free for a limited time and will save you thousands in personal training, nutrition and diet plans. Click the link right here to download your free copy before it’s no longer available! What have you got to lose?

About Just Healthy Women

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