The Benefits of Lemon and Ginger Before Breakfast

ginger and lemonWho doesn’t like a wedge of lemon or lime in their water? Not only is it refreshing, but it’s extremely good for you too and here’s why!

Healthy Lemon and Ginger Goodness!

If you’re on a weight loss diet then adding small changes can make all the difference. Adding fresh lime or lemon wedges to your water not only improves the taste, it also makes you drink more water. Lets face it, it’s refreshing! Lemon and lime juices have a detox effect on the liver and when consumed on an empty stomach, the benefits are massive! The citric acid compliments the stomach’s gastric juice and stimulates the metabolism. When integrated and blended with ginger, the soothing taste compliments the refreshing lime. Adding it to hot or cold water can completely replace coffee, juices or sodas. Ginger stimulates the metabolism helping you burn calories faster, and believe it or not, it also suppresses your appetite! We say, adding both on an empty stomach before breakfast is a game changer!

Ginger is full of health benefits, it’s calorie free, relieves nausea and helps with motion sickness.

A Taste of Freshness (Recipe)

Well, lets face it, this is not much of a recipe but more of a how to guide. Start by adding a 2 inch piece of ginger into a regular glass of water. Blend the contents and add half a freshly squeezed lemon or lime. Remember, drinking at the beginning of the day before eating breakfast is the most beneficial.

Alternatively, if you prefer a hot brew in the morning, Grate a 3 inch piece of ginger into saucepan and pour 3/4 of a cup of boiling water over the top. Leave for 3 minutes. Squeeze half a fresh lemon or lime into the mix and strain into a coffee mug.

Tip- add mint leaves for extra flavor

Fresh Lemon



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