Combining Cardio, Core & Strength Training

CardioHow often do you see a workout routine that combines Cardio, Core and Strength training? Surprisingly not very often. We have heard it all before, cardio burns calories, core provides stability of the torso, and strength training tones your muscles. But have you ever thought what would happen if you combine all three into the one routine? The answer is simple. YOU GET RESULTS!  Combining all three disciplines is the foundation of CrossFit training, which aims to increase the bodies overall fitness in each format. What CrossFit doesn’t account for, is all three disciplines combined in the one workout. Our goal, is to show you how to add Cardio, Core and Strength into your daily exercise routine.

Break-up Your Workout

Firstly, start by splitting your workout into three formats. You guessed it! Cardio, Core and Strength Training and in that precise order. By starting your workout with Cardio you can essentially incorporate the first phase of your workout as your warm-up. You will move the blood and oxygen through your body which will warm your body up for the Core and Strength training that will follow. Beginning with cardio will also kick start your calorie burn, which is the Bread and Butter of burning fat!

Cardio should be followed by a series of core exercises that engage the abdominal, obliques and lower back. Depending on your choice of exercise, core training should give your heart-rate time to recover from the intense belting it took from the cardio beforehand. The same principle applies to HIIT.

Next is Strength. By this time your muscles could feel fatigued. Your heart-rate however, should have recovered to a manageable level.  Your exercise choice should contain mostly bilateral movements. Don’t forget, the more muscles that are a-workin, the more calories you’re a-burnin!

Start Small, Work Your Way Up

Obviously for most of us combining Cardio, Core and Strength into one workout isn’t very common and the stress on your body will be high, especially if you’re just starting out. The best advice is to keep the movements simple to start with, pick three easy exercises for each format and build yourself up from there. A good example of where to start:-

Cardio  – Jumping Jacks, High Knees and Jump Squats
Core – Crunches, Leg Lifts, Planks
Strength – Pushups, Lunges, Curls

Variety Variety Variety

And I’m not talking about the magazine… One of the biggest setbacks people experience in their health and fitness goals is a loss of interest. By combining the three above formats you’re already mixing up your workout routine exponentially! It gets better because each format is completely interchangeable, and you can design your workouts to suit yourself! It’s better to tailor your workout to include your favourite exercises, than to not workout at all! Furthermore, by adding variety to your routine, you may even begin to enjoy yourself! As long as you are consistent, and continue to combine Cardio, Core and Strength training into your routine, you will see results! Better yet, buy a heart rate monitor or fit-bit and see for yourself, the data doesn’t lie!

Ditch The Splits

We all know how boring 3, 5 and 7 day splits are. I mean, how mundane! We suggest that you Ditch the Splits and combine Cardio Core and Strength to your routine. You’ll be surprised and enlightened by how enjoyable exercise can be. You’ll be even more surprised by your results! If you’re looking to shred fat, build muscle and become an elite athlete…. Then probably do something else. If you’re wanting to increase your fitness, burn some fat and most importantly have some fun, give this a try!

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